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Jayashree Venkat|2017

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DJAD student Jayashree Venkat’s entry was a finalist in the Visual Design Category of the Taiwan International Student Design Competition,2017.

Jayshree’s poster series ‘Ladder’ explores the bond between a mother and child. She describes “A mother is always ready to give up anything for her child, even if it means sacrificing a bit of her. The child realizes that one can never reach the top by oneself. We as children, often try to give back to our mothers in whatever way we can, even if it may not equal the effort of our mothers. “Ladder” is a series that explores the opportunities mother and child create for themselves so that they can reach out to each other.”

The Taiwan International Student Design Competition, the biggest international student design competition, this year attracted 71 countries/regions worldwide. There are 910 design colleges and universities joining the competition. In 2017, TISDC received 18,932 entries.

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