About DJ Academy

DJAD commenced in 2004 to a felt need in the country. The potential of offering design services within India and abroad expanded as India matured as an economic power. But there was a shortage of trained designers within the country. DJAD’s inception was to cater to this need in a small yet significant way.

The idea of starting a Design institute under the GKD Charity Trust was born under the aegis of Mr. Sanjay Jayavarthanavelu and PAR Kumar who visited NID, Ahmedabad. After having studied the facilities and observed the culture of design learning, the team held talks with the NID Executive Director for future collaboration.

DJ Academy of Design is situated in Coimbatore, which is an educational hub of the region catering to south Indian states Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. Coimbatore is home to 6 Universities, a large number of Engineering Colleges, Polytechnic Colleges, Arts & Science Colleges, Medical Colleges and top of the line schools.

Coimbatore is known as the Manchester of South India and some prefer to call it the Detroit of Tamil Nadu. Being the second-largest metropolis of the state, Coimbatore has a pleasant climate due to its proximity to thickly forested mountain ranges and the cool breeze blowing through the Palghat pass. With more than 25,000 small, medium and large industries, the city’s primary industries are engineering and textiles. The city also hosts jewelry and silk cotton industries.


To be a globally competitive design school
second to none in the world.


To offer quality Design education which is relevant to the society, thoroughly professional and affordable.


Dr. Lalitha Devi Sanjay Jayavarthanavelu

Message From Trustee

Considering the importance and relevance of design education towards the task of nation building, the GKD Charity Trust, Coimbatore has established the DJ Academy of Design (DJAD). This institution was started with the purpose of imparting affordable high- quality design education that is relevant to the emerging global business needs. Aided by a competent team of instructors and staff, DJAD has progressed considerably since inception. Today our students learn from the best minds available across the globe and benefit from the high-quality infrastructure installed within the campus. We consistently evaluate our academic standards and as such the curriculum we offer is designed to involve, motivate and impart young minds with the necessary skills to flourish in an ever-changing world. DJAD collaborates with Alagappa University, a public university located in Karaikudi, India, through which degree certificates are awarded to students of the institution. DJAD also strives to further the cause of design education across the country. It is a founder member of the Indian Design Institutes Alliance (IDIAI) and collaborates actively with numerous other reputed institutions. Our efforts have adequately been recognized globally with DJAD being included as one among the top global design institutes. I take this opportunity in welcoming the students to DJAD and wishthem success in the ensuing academic year.

GKD Charity Trust

GKD Charity Trust was set up in 1983 by the industrialist par excellence, (Late) Cavalier Dr. G K Devarajulu. His pioneering efforts saw the emergence of Coimbatore on the global industrial map and the LMW Group as a major force to reckon with. The Group now comprises a staggering 20 companies with LMW being the flagship brand.


To promote inclusive social development by empowering people with knowledge and skill sets needed to professionally succeed.


To enable positive social impact through delivery of contemporary skills and knowledge through centers of excellence that inculcate, nurture and hone the employable skills and professional competence of the participants.


  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Learning & Sharing
  • Contribution to the Industry & Society

GKD Charity Trust runs following institutions/organizations :

Coming Soon…


D J Academy is set amidst 24 acres of land in an eco-friendly location, 18 kilometers from the city center. The academy offers a breathtaking view of the Western Ghats. The academy is housed in an architecturally beautiful building, well-equipped with all the facilities required to sharpen the brilliant minds. The building is designed by Rahul Mehrotra, renowned architect and Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

Students are inspired to innovate, explore and come up with unique ideas and concepts. Many a time, some promising concepts are taken for copyright registration and patenting.

Design Centre

The design centre was established at DJAD to cater to the needs of the industry. Design service is rendered by the faculty members who are professional designers. Students also support them in various roles. Client projects may be undertaken in the areas of product design, package design, interiors, graphic design, etc. The design centre helps the faculties to keep in touch with the real-life industry situations as well as keep one update with skill sets. The design centre has worked for companies such as Pricol Tech, LMW, Sara Elgi, Quattro, T.Stanes & co and Leela Group of Hotels.

Research Centre

DJAD has plans for funded research and publication activity in selected design-related areas such as Design Education, Indian Aesthetics, Traditional Design, Universal Design, and Future of Design. Selected works of students and faculties will be published periodically.

Outreach & Training

As part of our intention of reaching out to a larger audience, DJAD regularly conducts training programmes, workshops, and seminars on Design awareness in other colleges, companies, and schools. DJAD’s efforts to reach public and policymakers have also resulted in an International Conference on Universal Design (Universal Design & Development, UDAD) in 2015.

Campus Talks

Experts in the relevant design fields are regularly invited to the campus to address and engage with the student community.

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