Placement Activities

Placements are something that every student looks for in an institute and DJAD is fully aware of the new challenges and opportunities that are opening up in the industry / studio today. This is an aspect of the design course where DJAD has an excellent track record and it comes as no surprise given the extensive grooming that each student goes through over the 4 years of UG and 3 Years of PG at the course. Through the following steps, we ensure that our students get the best opportunity available in the market today.

  • DJAD gives immense importance to portfolio building during the course of academics
  • Constant interaction with industry through invited presentations by Design studios and leaders in design
  • DJAD’s placement board constantly update students with latest opportunities available for internships, diploma projects and career opportunities
  • DJAD is situated in the industrial belt of Coimbatore -Pollachi which also ensures interaction with industries on a regular basis

Industry Interface

DJAD offers quality solutions to industry and design establishments who wish to take advantage of engaging trained and qualified student-designers on live projects. We encourage our Industrial Design and Communication Design students to work exclusively on your project under a variety of academic initiatives.

Class-room project

These projects are conducted over a period of 4 to 8 weeks in the classroom along with opportunities for client contact. Such projects are conducted for a batch of students under the guidance
of an experienced faculty member. The outcome of the said project is shared with the sponsor.


Internship is for a period of 2 months (April to June) wherein, the student works on a project in the premises of the industry/organization. It is scheduled in the curriculum at the end of third year of the Undergraduate programme and in the second year of the Postgraduate programme. Through the internship, students are exposed to design, production, marketing, and several other aspects related to the industry. The sponsor will be required to pay a monthly stipend during the period of internships.

Final Year Project

The 4 months-Final Year Project (December to March) is a complete demonstration of independent client service by the student under the guidance of a faculty member from DJAD. This final year project is a culmination of all the learning a student has had at DJAD. The students work on projects given by the industry and bring it to prototype level. The sponsor will be required to pay a monthly stipend during the period of diploma project.

Industry and Final Year Projects

Project Undergone in following companies:

  • Innoplexus, Pune
  • Tulika Books, Chennai
  • By Mistake, Coimbatore
  • Trip Creeative Service, Pune
  • Design Worth, New Delhi
  • Ek Type, Mumbai.
  • The Indira Gandhi Rashtriy Manav sangrhalaya, Bhopal
  • Hulikkal Electro India Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore
  • Varnam Crafts, Bangalore
  • Luxury Living, New Delhi
  • Preginitive Technologies, Secunderabad
  • Macro Enterprises, Coimbatore
  • All Time Plastics, Mumbai
  • Magic Crate, Bangalore
  • Flintobox, Chennai
  • HCL technologies
  • VIP Industries, Nasik
  • Kena Design, Bangalore
  • Esthete Design, Bangalore
  • Itu Chaudhari Design, New Delhi
  • Indian Type Foundry, Ahmedabad
  • Design Route, New Delhi
  • Flinto Learning Solutions, Chennai
  • Center for Knowledge Socities, New Delhi
  • Rocca parryware, Chennai
  • Scolarian Bikes, Coimbatore
  • Ergo Forms Consulting, Bangalore
  • IDC, IIT Mumbai
  • Karadi Tales, Chennai
  • Sixofus Design, Mumbai
  • Fisheye Design, Goa
  • AT-TIN studio, Mumbai
  • Hexolabs, Chennai
  • Ponmani Industries, Coimbatore
  • Graphics Communication Concepts (GCC), Mumbai
  • Volkswagen India Private Ltd, Pune
  • Six of us Design, Mumbai
  • Design Stack, Mumbai
  • Kishkinta(Navodaya Mass Entertainment ltd), Chennai
  • Ducere Technologies Pvt Ltd, Secundrabad
  • Yellow Design Studio, Mumbai
  • T I cycle, Chennai
  • Tanishq, Bangalore
  • Design Flyover Consulting Ltd, Bangalore
  • Yes Yes Why not?, Mumbai
  • Benny Kuriakose / Vedika – Chennai
  • Lemon Design Pvt Ltd,Pune
  • At-tin, Mumbai
  • Hariram Yashwant/Advanced cooling concepts, Coimbatore
  • Instill Motion consulting pvt ltd, Hyderabad
  • Design Box, New Delhi
  • Lopez Design Pvt Ltd,New Delhi
  • Fontwala,USA
  • Kishkinta Theme Park,
  • Vignyana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • LMW Textile Division, Coimbatore
  • Happy Feet India Pvt Ltd,Chennai
  • OrangeWood Labs,Uttar Pradesh
  • Magicrate,Bangalore
  • Freehand studio,Goa
  • KCT Techpark,Coimbatore

Internship Companies

  • Studio Eksaat, New Delhi
  • North17, Hyderabad
  • Yes Yes Why Not, Mumbai
  • The Design Bay, Mumbai
  • Ishan Khosla Design, New Delhi
  • Creon Studio, Mumbai
  • Animal, New Delhi
  • Chrysalis, Chennai
  • Design Stack, Mumbai
  • Lokus Design, Pune
  • Litmus Meroform, Chennai
  • Sahil & Sarthak, New Delhi
  • Ampere, Coimbatore
  • AT- tin, Mumbai
  • Desmania, New Delhi
  • Furnitech, Mumbai
  • Kohlex, Hyderabad
  • Pheonix, Chennai
  • At-tin, Mumbai
  • Teqzo Retail Products Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
  • Contrast Design Private Limited, Mumbai
  • Studio Tara, Chennai
  • Wallistry, Chennai
  • The Brew house, New Delhi
  • Fisheye Design Studio, Goa
  • The Potential Studios, Chennai
  • Design Stack, Mumbai
  • Banana brand works, Chennai
  • Hanno Design, Bangalore
  • Fuel Design Co, Goa
  • Be Bold Social, Bangalore
  • Sideways Design, Mumbai
  • Lakshmi Machine Works ,Coimbatore
  • Ionixx Technologies, Bangalore

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