Industry Interface

DJAD offers quality solutions to industry and design establishments who wish to take advantage of engaging trained and qualified student-designers on live projects. We encourage our Industrial Design and Communication Design students to work exclusively on your project under a variety of academic initiatives.

Class-room project

These projects are conducted over a period of 4 to 8 weeks in the classroom along with opportunities for client contact. Such projects are conducted for a batch of students under the guidance of an experienced faculty member. The outcome of the said project is shared with the sponsor.


Internship is for a period of 2 months ( April to June) wherein, the student works on a project in the premises of the industry/organization. It is scheduled in the curriculum at the end of third year of the Undergraduate programme and in the second year of the Postgraduate programme. Through the internship, students are exposed to design, production, marketing, and several other aspects related to the industry. The sponsor will be required to pay a monthly stipend during the period of internships.

Diploma project

The 6 month-diploma project ( December to June), is a complete demonstration of independent client service by the student under the guidance of a faculty member from DJAD. This final year project is a culmination of all the learning a student has had at DJAD. Diploma students work on projects given by the industry and bring it to prototype level. The sponsor will be required to pay a monthly stipend during the period of diploma project.

Design consultancy

Design Centre was established at DJAD to cater to the needs of the industry. Design consultancy services are rendered in the areas of product design, package design, interiors, graphic design etc. The design centre helps the faculties to keep in touch with the real life industry situations as well as develops the student’s skill sets. The projects are carried out by students as well as faculty members. The Design Centre has worked for companies such as Pricol Tech, LMW, Sara Elgi, T.Stanes & Company, Leela Group of Hotels and Quattro.

DJAD invites Industry to engage student-designers on live projects. Take advantage of these opportunities by placing student-designers to work exclusively on your project:


- Diploma project

- Class-room project

- Internships

- Get our students/faculty to work on your project through our Design Centre initiative Contact Us for more details