International Faculty

Sybil Gerold Casanova,Germany
Ms Gerold is a graduate of Royal College of Art, London. She runs a design studio in Bonn where she designs and produces ceramic products. She also teaches at various design schools abroad. She is keenly interested in Indian culture and literature.
Helmut Langer, Germany
HELMUT LANGER is specialised in cultural, environmental, institutional, and social communications projects, and has created many multicultural and global communications projects of international signification, e.g. for several UN organisations including UNESCO, UNEP, UNFCCC, UNISDR and European institutions, and milestones for global networking in aid of our planet’s environment.
From 1987 to 1993, HELMUT LANGER has served as President and member of the board of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA), the world body for professional communication design, a representative international non-governmental organisation.
Marina Langer Rosa, Germany
Born in Germany, She graduated from the Department of Graphic Arts of the Cologne Art Collage. She does poster design, book illustration and is also active in the spheres of stamp design for the German Post and united Nations Postal Administration and illustration for the German Post and United Nations Postal Administration and illustration for public information. She has received awards and has been selected participant of many international competitions, including: European Illustration, Graphic Design Germany, International Biennials of Brno, Czechoslovakia; Lathi, Finland; Warsaw, Poland and Mexico; International Poster Triennale of Toyama, Japan; 1991 World Calendar Awards Competition; International Litfass Biennale Munich, Germany.
Niels Schoenfelder, Germany
Niels Schoenfelder founded Mancini enterprises in 2004, a firm for architecture, interiors, objects, furniture and landscapes in India and abroad. Based on his experience in Europe and thorough understanding of Indian ground realities he has become a specialist in designing and guiding the technical implementation of ambitious projects in India. He heads a team of 28 professionals catering to a wide variety of projects. It is the challenge of diversity which has proven to be the driving force for the firm’s understanding of the different building realities and their potential within the framework of contemporary architecture.
Michiel Schwarz
Michiel Schwarz is an independent consultant and researcher on contemporary technological culture, based in Amsterdam. He holds a PhD in the sociology of technology from the University of London. His books include De Technologische Cultuur (‘Technological Culture’ ed. with Rein Jansma), Divided We Stand – Redefining Technology, Policy and Social Choice (with Michael Thompson), and Speed – Visions of an Accelerated Age (ed. with Jeremy Millar). He co-chalred two editions of the Doors of Perception conference on design, new media and culture (on “Speed” and “Play” ) with the Netherlands Design Institute, where he was senior advisor.
Prof. Jim singh Sandhu,England
Professor Emeritus and leading proponents of the Universal
Design, England

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