Academic Resources

Library & Resource Centre

The library cum resource centre houses not only books but also films, music, digital resources and product samples for reference. Apart from the vast collections of books, foreign and Indian journals and magazines are available in the library for Management, MCA and Design students. DJAD also subscribes to the EBSCO online Database to access 1100 journals which include 30 design related journals.

  • Books 2273+
  • Magazines 17+
  • Films (CD5. DVDs) 463+
  • Project CDs 7

Library Timings

8:30 am to 5:00 pm

The reading area provides a good ambience for the students to work and enrich their knowledge through resources. Library also houses facilities for scanning, printing and photocopying.

DJAD invites Industry to engage student-designers on live projects. Take advantage of these opportunities by placing student-designers to work exclusively on your project:


- Diploma project

- Class-room project

- Internships

- Get our students/faculty to work on your project through our Design Centre initiative Contact Us for more details