Scholarships & Loans

DJAD award limited number of scholarships to befitting students under the following norms,

1. Only DJAD students with family income of less than Rs. 5 lac per annum are eligible to apply.

2. Students must submit “Form-16” of the both parents, along with the application form.

3. From among the lot, students with less than Rs.5 lac p.a, the most deserving and needy students will be selected, based on their attitude and academic performance.

4. Scholarship will be given to meet 80% of the tuition fees.

5. The decision taken by the members of the scholarship committee would be final and binding.

6. Any student submitting false information / documents will be expelled from the institute and the scholarship granted will be collected with interest.

Education Loan Assistance

DJAD students may approach Indian Bank for education loan. Considering the reputation of the Academy, Indian Bank’s Coimbatore Zonal Office has advised all its branches across India to consider loan applications from DJAD students on merit.

DJAD invites Industry to engage student-designers on live projects. Take advantage of these opportunities by placing student-designers to work exclusively on your project:


- Diploma project

- Class-room project

- Internships

- Get our students/faculty to work on your project through our Design Centre initiative Contact Us for more details