Under Graduate

Under Graduate Program in Industrial and Communication Design

Duration 4 Years
Eligibility 10+2 Pass
Age Up to 23 Years

The undergraduate programme at DJAD, starts with a one-year Design Foundation Programme that concentrates on learning basic concepts of design involving courses that build the strong foundation for design thinking and practice. The programme helps students decide their area of specilisation. The students need not select a major at the time of applying to DJAD but they choose their area of specialization towards the completion of the Foundation Programme.

The students then branch out into Industrial Design or Communication Design streams from the second year. The learning is interdisciplinary as many of the courses are offered to both industrial and communication design students encouraging them to work across disciplines. In the fourth year they specialize in one of the following areas by choosing design projects from their area of interest. Fourth year also consists of internship, colloquium paper and a six-month diploma project.

Academic Partnership with Northumbria Unviersity, UK

Under this partnership,DJAD students have an option to complete part of their studies at Northumbria University, UK and earn a BA degree from Northumbria University.DJAD students can opt for Northumbria University certification at the end of 2nd or 3rd year of their DJAD UG courses and complete the rest of their courses at Northumbria University.

Specialisation in Industrial Design

Product Design

Product design deals with understanding the problems that USERS experience when using a product. It takes care of issues such as Ergonomics, Functionality, Aesthetics, Market requirements, Manufacturing & Technology etc towards improving the quality of life and environment. Students understanding is enhanced through practical experience on designing products such as T.V., Refrigerator, Air Conditioners, Food Processors, Ovens, Water Purifiers to name a few. It also includes designing Industrial Products, Tools and Equipments, Lighting, Packaging, Musical Instruments, Medical Equipments, Automobiles such as cars, scooters, bikes and bicycles, Public transportation like trains, buses and trucks.

Furniture & Interior Design

Furniture Design deals with understanding the safety and comfort requirements of a USER towards designing furniture for work environments such as office, schools, hospitals etc and furniture for leisure such as home furniture, restaurants seating, garden & Lounge furniture, as well as furniture for out-door and public spaces. Students will get to explore a variety of natural and synthetic materials used in furniture as well as work out joinery details and finishes.

Interior Design deals with organization of Interior elements such as furniture, flooring and wall finishes, Lighting and appropriate color schemes based on various themes. Students get to work on interior spaces of homes, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and public areas such as waiting rooms of a railway station, airport lounges, etc. They also get an eye for selecting furniture, tapestries, paintings and other objects to decorate the vertical and horizontal surfaces and spaces.

Accessory Design

Accessory design deals with designing life style personal accessories such as bags, jewelry, spectacles, pens etc, and also life style interior accessories such as paper weights, pen/pencil holders, salt & pepper containers, cutlery, shelves, lighting and a number of other accessories. The students are constantly looking at the changing fashion trends. The students learn to work with materials such as precious metals, gold, silver and leather apart from wood and metal.

Specialisation in Communication Design

Graphic Design

The students majoring in graphic design engage in a variety of courses and projects such as publication design, typography, packaging graphics, illustration, info graphics, corporate identity and branding, developmental communication, interactive design and environmental graphic design.

Film and Video

The students who take up Film and Video Design as their specialization are introduced to the medium through conceptual courses that teach film-language, film theory, script-writing, storyboarding, sound design, image making along with practical experience of making films of various genre such as short fiction films, advertising films and documentary films.

Animation Film Design

The students explore the medium of animation through hand drawn animation, clay animation and stop motion. They also learn about character design, lighting, production and storytelling. Animation involves putting the learning into practice by making short animation films.

Interaction Design ( for both Industrial and Communication Design )

Students interested in Interaction Design explore shaping digital devices, systems and services for human communication and transaction.

DJAD invites Industry to engage student-designers on live projects. Take advantage of these opportunities by placing student-designers to work exclusively on your project:


- Diploma project

- Class-room project

- Internships

- Get our students/faculty to work on your project through our Design Centre initiative Contact Us for more details