Dean’s Message

Welcome from Dean

My firm belief is that every student whoever joins DJAD is a gem to be discovered. I don’t believe in teaching. I believe in making the student learn. I don’t believe in pouring knowledge and skills into a student. I believe in drawing out the best in every student. I don’t believe in walled class rooms. I believe the world is our class room-the people, the plants, the objects everywhere. I don’t believe in textbooks. I believe the whole library is our text book. I don’t believe in “end of the course” evaluations. I believe in continuous evaluation of the student and the teacher by each other and by self. I don’t believe in rigid structures and over regulation. I believe in freedom and flexibility in learning with self discipline. I don’t expect my students to do the proper things always. I believe in encouraging them to make mistakes, to experiment, to explore unbeaten paths.

For after all, Design is thinking different.

Prof.S.Balaram, Dean, D.J. Academy of Design

About Prof.S.Balaram

Areas of interest: Design for development, universal design, film criticism, design education.

Professor S.Balaram is an internationally reputed Designer and author with over four decades of teaching experience. Presently he is Founder Dean at D .J. Academy of Design and Emeritus professor of CEPT University, India.

He had held top positions at the National Institute of Design including Chairman, Education and Governor. He founded the Craft Development Institute in Kashmir for Government of India.

Many of his designs were produced and acclaimed. He has four patents to his credit. His numerous awards include – Ron Mace international award for Universal Design, Helen keller award for outstanding contribution for people with disabilities, UNIDO-ICSID award for Design for Development and an honorary Fellowship of Society of Industrial Designers of India for life time contribution.

He was invited speaker at various International /National forums. One of the significant international meetings organized by him was the ‘UNIDO-ICSID meeting on Design for development’, the first such meeting to be held in a developing country. He was the first to champion the term ‘majority world’ to replace the derogatory ‘developing world’

Apart from the vast number of stories, articles and essays in journals, he has published books such as- ‘Thinking Design’ (second edition);’Design quotes’ and sections in ‘Britannica Encyclopedia, ’Universal Design Handbook(second edition)’ and ‘Teaching Universal Design’. He was on the advisory board of ‘Design Issues’ a journal of international repute. He was one of the keynote speakers at the Second IAUD conference 2006, Kyoto and third IAUD conference at Hamamatsu 2010.

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